I’ve always had a deep respect and admiration for journalism and those noble enough to devote themselves to the profession. The service they provide to our national discourse is invaluable, and the impact they have on our local cities and communities is immeasurable. They are the mirror we as a society often need to have held up to us to see what we’ve become, and what changes we night need to me.

I myself am a particular fan of print journalism, but work of those in the public radio, and television journalists is equally important. No matter the format or medium, this is work necessary to the maintenance and furtherment of our democracy, and of humanity as a whole. We as private citizens can’t compile all the raw data and interview all the sources we need to make an informed decisions. We need a proxy; someone who will stand in our stead and ask powerful people the important questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how.

This is probably the reason I have a Clark Kent action figure on my desk, rather than Superman.

What I’m doing here it not journalism by any stretch of the imagination. 15 to 20 years ago I wouldn’t have had to say that (yes, the internet has been widely accessible that long), but in the world we live in, where every article linked in a tweet can be widely shared and re-shared by an elected representative, I felt it was an important distinction to make. No, this is not news, it’s simply a commentary on the news of the day.

This series of editorials will cover national news, news local to my hometown of Buffalo, NY, and occasionally issues of sports and technology and gadgets. An eclectic collection of topics to be sure, but I was raised with the somewhat cliche advice to write what you know about, and these are topics I’m familiar with.

I don’t shill or tow the line for any one political party or line of thinking. Like the majority of people in the world, I’d argue my perspectives come from a variety of different and sometimes even conflicting beliefs. The commentary here will be my attempt to inject a moderate and well reasoned voice into the conversation of current events.

To go back and read this first post of a news commentary blog means there’s at least some interest in the overall content and themes of this site. If you’re reading this I hope you continue to read with me.

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